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Grant Broadcasters

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Grant Broadcasters’ Townsville Offices are situated at 181 Sturt Street in the city centre and add great value to downtown Townsville employing approximately 20 people. Although little can be seen from the street the finish is none other than impressive once you are invited in behind the scenes.

Grand Broadcasters were looking for a contemporary style fitout that offered an open plan workspace, a breakout area that would help generate the necessary creative atmosphere for the team, and private office space for more senior roles. There is also a boardroom, bathrooms and lunch room with generous space and facilities however, the most impressive element was the studios, the most fundamental rooms necessary for their core business – broadcasting. There are three studios, one news room and a production room controlled by an impressive communication, information technology and data cabinet room. All these systems are supported by a high-level UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply Unit) and an Automated Diesel Power Generation Unit.

The studios are the latest in broadcasting technology and the sound proof rooms were constructed to the highest standard to ensure there is no audio pollution to interfere with their operators. Not only are these rooms functional, they have aesthetic value that adds significantly to the value. The finish throughout the office is a ‘fine finish and funky’ with the purpose of generating a creative mood.

For the breakout area, we elevated the ceilings and installed exposed spiral duct airconditioning for effect and wall and ceiling feature mesh in angle frames and powder coated them to provide a contrast between these panels and blacked out ceilings. The most difficult aspect of this project was the fact that it had to be fully constructed and operational within five weeks. Considering there was none other than an empty office shell of approximately 600m2, this was a big ask. However, with some clever programming and commitments from suppliers, sub-contractors and staff, it was achieved without compromising the quality of work or finish.

The new Townsville Grant Broadcasters Office was officially opened in December 2016 by the Mayor of Townsville, Jenny Hill, and Nixon Build & Design was proud to be engaged as their builder for this project.



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