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Riverpark Drive

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At the outset there was a design process that we entered into to provide a property in a unique location that could optimise the attributes offered with respect to the river, parkland and street features. The brief also included a request of significant cultural importance to the family.

There are some elements that are more often seen in a contemporary commercial setting such as the 6 metre high alfresco breezeway void area through floor to ceiling glass panels that connects inside at both levels with an open space that provides uninterrupted views optimising the breezes from the north and south-east and adding a spectacular ascetic feature to the building. The design was focussed around not only functionality but the rear aspect of the structure to look as impressive as the street view taking advantage of the riverside landscape.

The internal design with as much thought around practicality and functionality the living, dining, and kitchen area is constructed in a way for family engagement. Once again optimising the property position with river and parkland views and sensible access to the alfresco dining.

On inspection it is evident the workmanship is of extremely high standard and Nixon Build insists on employing master craftsman to ensure not only the finish is what is expected ,the work behind the walls and under the ground carries the same standard.

Annandale riverside has always been seen and marketed as a prestigious location. It is evident that sale prices and building works in the area in relatively tough economic times still hold a strong position with respect to Real Estate value. It is important to note the street appeal adds ascetic value to the property and the street.

The liveability which could be considered one of the most important points of any remodelling is as good as it gets for modern day lifestyle. The design was around capturing capacity to entertain with full engagement with the guests or family but with appropriate separation for occupants that may need to separate themselves to bed or study or simply be engaged in another activity such as the Theatre Room. The added bonus to the liveability factor is the impressive ascetic features such as floor to ceiling glass that provides a visual connection occupying the void between the ground and first floor giving the focus on the mezzanine upper level feature and the connecting staircase.

Further to this there are separate quarters that is well interfaced with the main building that includes a bedroom, ensuite and separate study/office space. All these areas mentioned can be used independently without affecting other sectors of the household.

Finally the landscaping is simple and for good reason. The home was intended to be the main feature and to be highlighted with simple gardening features for the final touch.

It’s worth a mention with respect to energy efficiency performance we have installed a product call TMC which is a polymer synthetic sprayed with a reflective aluminium film. We have tried and tested this product and virtually eliminates any thermal radiation penetration to the inside wall surface. The results have been so effective in previous properties where the properties throughout the Summer and warmer seasons has maintained a 3o temperature differential between inside and ambient temperature ie. inside the building has remained 3ocooler than ambient throughout the day.

The owners of this property were a delight to work with. They were obliging, trusting, reliable and charming. It was a pleasure taking on this project not only because it was beautiful and interesting, it is just great working with decent people.


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2017 Master Builders Awards North Queensland - Home Renovation/ Remodelling Project over $1 million

2017 Master Builders Awards Queensland - Home Renovation/ Remodelling Project over $1 million

2017 Master Builders Awards National - Home Renovation/ Remodelling Project over $1 million

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